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The format of these medical forms has been in clinical use since 1994. They have undergone continuous improvement and a transition from stand alone records to a means for gathering information for your EHR. Increase patient satisfaction and eliminate the impersonal wall of a computer between you and your patient. Having your MA or patient fill out the Comprehensive ROS will save you time and improve data accuracy.

Proper visit coding and quality issues are intrinsic to these forms and the data they prompt you
to collect will improve your compliance during chart reviews to help avoid denials or down coding.

Forms are designed to increase accuracy, improve patient flow, and to be CMS/Medicare and E/M Coding Compliant



Mock-up Patient Visit 


Patient Registration

Patient Registration

Medical Record Release

Medical Record Release

Hospital Visit Cards

Hospital Visit Card

Office Patient Handouts
Screening Schedule


Patient Medical Information Wallet Card

Wallet Card

HIPAA Privacy Note

Privacy Note

Explanation of  Laboratory Testing


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